It’s Time For Charlie Gibson To Come Out Of The Closet

Posted on Mon 09/22/2008 by


And on your way out Charlie, bring Katie Couric, Alan Colmes, and Brian Williams along with you.
Say what you will about Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, at least they make no secret of the fact that they are in the bag for Barack Obama.
But the disgraceful way you took Sarah Palin’s remarks out of context, along with the “editing” that was done to her responses before the interview aired, just served to re-affirm my belief that you and your fellow members of the mainstream media couldn’t even spell “Journalistic Integrity”, let alone possess any.
Watch the video:

Is any of this getting through to you Mr. Gibson? Perhaps now you and the other “news” networks will start to realize why your ratings are slipping. You are supposed to be presenting the news, not altering it to fit your political philosophy. Political leaders from both sides of the spectrum have been invoking God’s blessings for this country since the time it was founded.
But that isn’t really what’s at issue here.
The real issue is that I and the majority of Americans simply want you and others in the news media to report the news.
Not what you think we should see and hear, not your interpretation, and certainly not your biased opinion.
If I want to listen to biased opinions, I’ll tune into Rush Limbaugh or Air America, where at least they make no pretense of having an agenda.
But as for you and your fellow members of the mainstream media, I wouldn’t believe you if you told me water was wet.