Illegal Alien Beat-Down Is Not The Racial Murder MSM Claims It To Be

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by Wendi Medashefski

Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala, 25-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was involved in a fight with several teenaged boys in Shenandoah, PA on July 12. While news reports vary based on the political tilt of the medium involved, there is a way to find out exactly what happened that fateful night.

According to most MSM accounts of the events that ended Ramirez Zavala’s life, six teenaged football-playing males attacked a Mexican man simply because he was of Hispanic origin. While this would be a horrible case of obvious hate, but it’s even more horrible that the real story is not being printed. The MSM’s lack of truth is prodding more hateful Caucasian-smearing rhetoric than already exists in Shenandoah and other places.

We have available the affidavits of probable cause filed against the accused teens. We also have an eyewitness account available online in audio and transcript form. It seems that a lot of pieces are missing from the version everyone has heard. Let’s take a look:

Arielle Garcia, 17-year-old married mother of a two-year-old child, (an obvious epitome of virtue) swears this was a racially-motivated beat-down. Let’s view her words for proof:

He was at our house all day that afternoon. And it was around maybe 11:00, he asked us to take him uptown to drop him off, whatever, he was going to go home. So, we leave him at the Vine Street Park, and we drive away, Victor and I, and about two minutes later he called us and told us to come back, that people were beating him up. So we get back as fast as we could. And when we get there, he was—like the fight was over, like the boys were walking away, but they were still screaming like racial slurs, like “Go back to Mexico!”

And so, Victor and I ran up to Luis, and we said, “What happened?” But he [Luis] was so mad, he wasn’t really talking to us. And those kids kept yelling stuff, and he [Luis] went back, and the kids turned around, and the fight started again. So Victor, my husband, tried to like stop the fight. He tried to get the kids off of Luis, but kids were trying to fight my husband. So my husband got the kids off of him, and we couldn’t stop the fight between Luis and the—but next thing we know, Luis was on the floor. And so, me and Victor, we ran up to his side, and we were at his side. We were trying to wake him up, and the kids are still like kicking him and kicking him. And somebody—I don’t know who, but they kicked him like in the left side of his head so hard that that’s what killed him.”

But wait. I thought this was an obvious racial killing? In this eyewitness’s own words, the fight was over, but Ramirez Zavala went back and started a second fight. The adult, Luis, after a physical fight with several teenagers, was too mad to even speak to his friends, and then went back to the boys who were walking away to begin a second altercation, which resulted in his death. The boys had to “turn around” when the fight started again, and this time it was not just Luis, but another adult had joined the affray, Victor Garcia Cruz.

Let’s turn now to the affidavits of probable cause released by the District Attorney in Schuylkill County, DA Goodman.

The juveniles left the area where they had been drinking and went to a block party, where Brandon Piekarsky, 16, got into a verbal argument. According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, the argument involved Luis Ramirez Zavala and the subject was the 15-year-old girl. (This would directly contradict the “eyewitness” statements of Garcia, who said Ramirez was at her house all afternoon until 11pm.)

About 11:15-11:30pm, Luis “Ramirez … and a 15-year-old female were traveling in a vehicle driven by Arielle Garcia and her husband Victor Garcia Cruz in Shenandoah. Ramirez and the 15-year-old girl, at their request, were dropped off at the Vine Street Park.” (Did Arielle Garcia FORGET the 15yo was in the car during her democracynow interview?)

The underage girl walked home, “spoke with her mother for a few minutes” and then walked back to the park. The accused boys were walking in the same direction, on the same street, on the opposite side of the road. Ramirez came out of the park to meet the girl, and the boys arrived at the same intersection at the same time. A verbal argument ensued, which led to the first physical altercation, started by Piekarsky, Colin Walsh, 17, an unnamed 17-year-old, and Derrick Donchak, 18.

The youngest person in this incident, Mr. Piekarsky, is supposedly the one who landed the deadly kick to Ramirez’s head. Some reports say that Ramirez underwent surgery for the head trauma, and that his condition worsened after the procedure, and he died shortly thereafter. It would be prudent to investigate the procedures used in this surgery, and whether it may have hastened or even been a major factor in Ramirez’s death. (Geisinger Danville has been in the news quite a bit lately regarding it’s inappropriate medical treatments, among other things.)

While some may read this as an anti-Mexican or anti-Hispanic piece, I would like to offer that I am simply trying to bring all facets of this case to light. The public has a right to make their own determination about the incidents, but all the facts are needed to make an informed decision.

There’s no doubt the kids need to be punished for their roles in this fight. They committed criminal acts and the law demands they pay their debt to society. However, the incidents that took place that night seem less and less of a racially-motivated gang fight and more like stupid kids who had been drinking getting caught up with two adults, one of whom could not control his own anger and started a second fight with a bunch of teenagers.

For comparison purposes I’ve included the links to the two sources used in my article.

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