The Media’s Favorite Son – Obama

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Even here in Israel, the local media has fallen in love with Obama. The idea that the American voting public would reject the obvious shining light of “change” and who the media has decided that the next President will be, seems far-fetched.

So what’s your prediction?

Who do you think will win in November and become America’s next President?

(McCain, if people finally wake up!  —Ed, Al & Annie)

[Barf! Excuse me while I Vomit. I shouldn’t be surprised at the World’s and our Mad LeftMedia. History is a guide to the present.

Why? Because the Past is Ignored by Fools as they Obliviously repeat the same past mistakes.

Look at the Love Orgy the Media had with Hitler and Mussolini.

The Brain Dead Leftists rush headlong into Oblivion while being enamored with Fluff.
So why wouldn’t these Incompetent Fools Lust after this Obama?

However, as Dangerous as Obama is, I don’t think he will be as Devastating to this Great Country of ours as Hitler & Mussolini were to theirs.

But, then again, I’ve been wrong before.  —ed]

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