Should The U.S. Boycott The Beijing Olympics?

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In response to China’s crackdown on pro-Tibet sympathizers and its continued support of the Sudanese genocide in Darfur, pressure is mounting on the U.S. to boycott this summer’s Olympics in Beijing.

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My question is WHY DID THOSE IDIOTS Choose China in the First Place?
The Olympic Committee Knew about China’s Human Rights Violations!

I Say NO to the Boycott because that will only hurt the Athletes.

But do encourage your athletes to make a short statement or wear a Tibetan, etc., patch on their headbands, etc.

All that boycotting will do is benefit the Greedy Politicians. They are worse than Ambulance chasing Lawyers, if that’s possible.

While you’re at it read Why Congress Ignores Your Retirement at the bottom of the same page at These Political Whores will get after ONLY 20 Years, $55,000 initial yearly pension, as well as 401(k) savings and Social Security benefits! They can’t understand why anyone after laboring 45+ years would have a problem when they are sitting pretty after only 20 years of goofing off!

And for what??? For screwing up this Country!?!? They shouldn’t get a penny! And they should be charged every time they screw up & cost us unnecessary money.

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Al (Grumpy PO’d Old Man)