Prep For Iraq

Posted on Wed 04/16/2008 by


CB048613 Well, the last few weeks I’ve been in furious prep for going back to Iraq. Unlike last time, where I was flown in via Terrorist-Airlines and dropped into the heart of Iraq via commercial flights, the current company I work for is doing things the right way.

Unfortunately for me, that translated into over twenty tubes of blood, a urine test, a nekkid appointment with the doc, and $1200 worth of dental work (thank God for insurance).

I hate dentists. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. So when the dentist told me (today) I needed some work done, my first response was a resounding, “like hell“. Unfortunately for me, she wasn’t kidding, and wouldn’t sign off on my “dental exam” until she got her pound of flesh. So, six, that’s right… six fillings later, I’m numb, I’m pissed, but my paperwork is signed off on.

I have a bad feeling I am going to be feeling this later this evening once the Novocain wears off, I think I hear a few shots of Johnny Walker calling my name.