Obama Lies Again…

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This is either an outright lie, or a complete misunderstanding of how the military works. Either way, Obama is not fit to be the CinC.

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To quote ChrisG‘s comment at Flopping Aces:

What a crock of outright lies and BS!!!! Platoons are not split up along theater level lines. A Platoon is the smallest tactical element commonly employed. Normal Squads, which make up Platoons, do not go out alone unless covered by something big (Tank/Infantry squad teams for example).

Units are not halved for combat!! Units in Afghanistan were not used in Iraq and the two events occurred almost a year apart!! 10th Mountain went into Afghanistan fully manned. 10th Mountain was not used in Iraq. Also, all units have organic vehicles. Divisions are not stripped of vehicles for another theater operation. We have APS fleets to cover this (pre-deployed assets in Kuwait)!!! Obama should know about this as funding for the APS fleets are in the appropriations bills.

So on this aspect: FLAT OUT LIE by Obama!!!!!!

Now, as for Obama’s military skills, exactly WHAT captain leads a platoon?????? 2LTs lead platoons with a few 1LTs who might lead one as the senior platoon leader in a company, COMMANDED by a captain. Maybe this was a captain who lead a platoon years ago, however, Obama’s lack of knowledge betrays him. Even if Obama is not slandering/making up a story by the officer, it will be the first anyone I know of has heard about this lack of equipment and ammo issue.

Now as for weapons. No kidding we use the enemy’s when we can. The same is true for the initial invasion of Iraq. Ammunition is always a sought commodity, but there was no shortage of transports getting it to Afghanistan. HOWEVER, in the midst of a fire fight, ammo runs low and many Soldiers/Marines know how to use the AK series (AKM/AK-74 and SVD). Since a majority of US Military Members are gun owners/shooters and many are NRA members, we tend to learn all we can about weapons and teach those who are not hunters/shooters in our ranks. A light infantry unit can only carry so much ammo on extended missions. Air resupply is not always available while in combat (helicopters draw enemy fire for some reason) and ground resupply is not always able to get up the goat trails that comprise Afghanistan.

However, I know a captain who commanded in 10th Mountain in Afghanistan during the most intense fighting there and he NEVER had problems with lack of men, equipment, or ammo. But then, I am an Army officer who, like a VAST, near total majority of us, supports the war so my opinion is unwanted by the left.

The more Obama speaks, the more he digs holes.

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