McCain Derangement Syndrome?

Posted on Thu 01/31/2008 by


There is a bit of talk on the Internet about the possibility of “McCain Derangement Syndrome“.

Now, I don’t feel that my refusal to support McCain is unhinged. I understand that McCain is a war hero. I won’t deny that. I understand that he has done the occasional good thing in congress.

However that doesn’t change the facts.

  • McCain-Feingold
  • McCain-Kennedy
  • McCain-Lieberman
  • Kerry-McCain ’04
  • Gang of 14
  • RINO

If I wanted to vote for a pro-Victory democrat, I might consider McCain; however I am not voting for a democrat. I am here to vote for a Republican (capital R).

McCain’s latest lies about Romney have not done anything to endear McCain to me. All it proves it that he is still the same grumpy oi’ man I thought he was.

I’ve said from the beginning (pre-Surge) that I would not vote for McCain.

Is this “derangement”? I don’t think so.