What Happened To Foreign Policy?!?

Posted on Tue 01/08/2008 by


capt.7c65df8607a54c7c913509fe1ac74740.mccain_2008_nhcd123 Perhaps it’s just me, it must just be me since on one else seems to be paying attention, but shouldn’t this presidential race boil down to Foreign Policy?

The last I checked, America, or at least the American Military, is involved in a World War. As the quote in the sidebar suggests, it appears that the civilians in the US are at the mall and are too busy sipping lattés at Starbucks to be bothered with the realities of life and politics.

New Hampshire voters are ponder pushing John McCain, the same breathless moron who pushed the infamous McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill this past year, to a win in their state today.

While John McCain is a war hero, he is dead wrong for America.

We need a candidate who is serious about American security, and will start with the porous borders we have with Canada and Mexico. We need a candidate who is serious about foreign policy, and has a clue.

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