I’m Still With Fred!!!

Posted on Fri 01/04/2008 by


Red Alerts put it far better than I could. I believe we still need Fred! to come to the rescue and save the GOP from itself.

Fred Thompson is a strong leader who understands that the Jihadist war on the West will continue until they are victorious or defeated. He understands how critical it is that America maintain a strong presence in the world and a stronger defense at home. Fred Thompson can lead this country into a prosperous, secure future.

Mike Huckabee will lead us to ruin.

I will vote G.O.P. no matter who the nominee is, unless it’s Mike Huckabee and others have echoed this sentiment. But right now Fred is still in the race and if you want a real Reagan style conservative in the White House in ‘08 it’s time to support Fred Thompson.

I’m afraid that everyone else is to soft, or has disastrous domestic policy.


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