Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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The idea of rewarding good behavior has been lost. It does not matter that Palestinians are bombing the civilian population of the Negev. It does not matter who’s been “naughty or nice”. George W. seems ready to establish his “legacy” by coming to the region and giving the terrorists a state by the end of 2008!

Your thoughts?

[I thought we were NOT negotiating with Terrorists! I don’t know what Condi’s major malfunction is, but I didn’t think she was a Communist or Pro-Terrorist, or a Ultra-Liberal Democrat. However her actions speak LOUD and CLEAR!

Bush really has me surprised! He Claims to be a Christian, yet in this issue he is NOT Standing on Christian Principles nor is he showing any understanding of the Holy Bible! Is he turning out to be another Jimmy Carter? hmmm, Maybe he’s just senile??? I hope for his sake that’s what it is.

No self respecting Christian, or anyone with Morals, would give in to a Lie this BIG and this Obvious. “Palestinians” are a recent Fabrication. They did NOT exist in 1948! These so-called “Palestinian” Leaders are in FACT TERRORISTS! What’s the matter Dubya? Didja sell your soul to the devil?

Would you give the Terrorists in Iraq, that are part of the same Ideological Brotherhood as those Terrorists in Israel, part of Iraq? Even though they would keep up their Terroristic attacks and they made it known that they will eventually take over all of Iraq?

Would you give in to the al Qaeda’s demands for a piece of this MUCH larger USA, even after 9/11??? Would you give them even as little as 1/2 of Texas as their own country, knowing they would use it as a base of operation to continue their deadly attacks on America. Would you give them that knowing that they will continue to fight to take over this whole Great Country of ours?? WOULD YOU???

Well that’s what you are doing in Israel!!! And you have to know it! You’re not Blind or Stupid. Maybe it is senility. If that’s the case admit it and get help. Leave the dealing with Terrorists to someone capable.

Ooh . . . Gasp! I just had a horrible thought. Did Osma bin Laden scare you into converting to his Radical Islam? He called you a failure in his video of Sept 7, 07 & he refers to 9/11 and calls on Americans to “” Is that what happened to you GW?

I do hope it’s senility instead. Please tell me, I need to know.]

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