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bradarkerxxp3c.gifI know this sounds like a woman’s libbers mantra from the 60’s about empowering women.

But this “Ban the Bra” movement is for another reason altogether. It’s for the safety of mankind. It’s to prevent murders! Yes, Murders!

I think I’m becoming a Liberal. At least I’m taking a liberal stance on this “Ban Bras” issue.

Just like the liberals want to ban guns because criminals and deranged people use guns to kill other people; I want to ban BRAS for the same reason.

I just read where a lady used her BRA to try and kill her boyfriend.

So I want to nip this potential BRA killing spree in the bud. I know there will be a lot of breast sagging ladies that will be upset, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Many will have to suffer for the needs of a few. (Another Liberal adage that I’ve adopted)

This is the article that alerted me to this serious problem:

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An Enola woman used her bra as a weapon while assaulting her boyfriend during an argument at a motel early Friday, Lower Allen Twp. police said.The man claimed Ashley N. Nesbitt, 19, choked him with the undergarment so hard that he nearly lost consciousness, Officer Katie Justh said …

In the middle of the fight, Nesbitt took off her bra, wrapped it around her boyfriend’s neck and choked him with it …

See, a BRA is a dangerous, lethal weapon. It’s easily concealed (especially on a female’s body), needs no special training to use, and can be quickly utilized to kill or maim another person.

It must be banned for the safety and well being of our society!

Hmmmph … ??? !!!

On the other hand we could paraphrase what conservatives say:
Guns Bras don’t kill people,
people kill people.”

I don’t know, I’m torn between the two. What do you think?
Should I start a petition to “Ban The Bra”?


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[Ok, good news people, I finally got the POLL up. Please click on the following link to make your views known. “]

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