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Your Boycott Starts Here

The “Boycott Redacted” website, where the mission is to picket and boycott the movie “Redacted”.
This website was created by volunteer defenders of this country and its soldiers, to fight the treasonous propaganda of the film’s producers, Brian DePalma and the Mark Cuban. Please regularly check the list below for details on picketing near you.

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Common Objections You May Hear, and How To Answer Them:

1. You haven’t seen the film, how can you make such a judgment?
Because the writer and director of the film, Brian De Palma, has said all we need to know about this film. He has said:

“I wanted to make a film that would nauseate the American people.” and “The message must be put forward and hopefully the public will respond and pressure their congressman to vote to stop the war.” -Reuters Press 8/31/07

traitor-sm.jpgPropaganda: n. Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause.
By definition, he has made a propaganda film.

“I’ve done something that is, it just can’t be done. You can’t ever say anything critical about the troops.” –Reuters Press 8/31/07

By his own admission, he has made a film critical of the troops.

Criticize: v. To judge unfavorably or harshly. To put a negative value upon.To have an opposing and antagonistic view of.
Therefore, we do not need to actually see the film to know that it is a film that judges our troops in an unfavorable manner and is propaganda designed to get the viewer to act politically. By his own admission Brian DePalma has said that is what the film “Redacted” is, an anti-troop propaganda film released during a time of war.

Who would say we are not at war?

2. But It Is Based On Actual Events. How could this be giving aid and comfort to the enemy?
Because this film, when viewed by moderate Muslims in the Middle east, will stir them to hatred for American troops, and solidify the convictions of those already taking up arms against our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the globe. This bolsters their conviction that they are right and we are wrong and evil…this, we believe, borders on aiding and comforting the enemy.

3. This is a Freedom of Speech Issue.
Absolutely. But with this freedom comes a greater responsibility. To abuse this freedom in such a manner that would put our troops at risk while they are engaging the enemy in combat operations anywhere in the world is unconscionable. At the very least DePalma and Cuban should have waited until this war is over.

4. Has Given Money and Set Up a Charity To Help Wounded Vets.
We applaud this. Yet, even though this may be true, it does not excuse what he is doing with the film “Redacted”. In fact, he spent more on “Redacted” than he has given to aid the troops.

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