Why I Miss Iraq and Afghanistan…

Posted on Mon 10/22/2007 by


Michael Yon has written an incredible article about the disconnect between the American people and the Troopers on the ground in Iraq.

Anyone who has been in Iraq for longer than a few months, visited a handful of provinces, and spoken with a good number of Iraqis, likely would acknowledge that the reality here is complex and dynamic. But in the last six months it also has been increasingly hopeful, despite what the pessimistic dogma dome allows Americans and British to believe.

When I returned from Iraq in 05, I went through a large period of frustration and depression. Both were due to the disconnect that Michael Yon is talking about. Even in 05, things may not have been looking good, but they were looking better than the media was reporting.

The constant media misinformation has been a source of on-going anger, and bile-spitting frustration that I just haven’t been able to move beyond.

There are some things that I don’t believe you can really understand until you’ve been in the battle-space with our men and women in uniform.

I miss being in the know, and I miss the clarity of purpose that comes with being there.

I would rather be shot at, than listen to Hillary and Nancy drone on about how it’s “For the Children”. I would rather hear and feel the distant blast of an IED than read about how the DKOS kids hate America and Republicans.

At least in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are all on the same side. Here state-side, it feels as if we are tearing the country apart.