New York Slimes – Sliming Immigration

Posted on Mon 10/22/2007 by


The Slimes is at it again.

Let’s concede an indisputable point: people should not be in the country illegally. But forget about the border for a moment —

Lets forget the border? Huh? How can we forget about the border when it’s critical to any kind of meaningful immigration reform? The entire reason we are in this situation is due to people forgetting about the border.

– let’s talk about the 12 million who are already here. What should be done about them?

A. Deport them all.

Yes, deport them all. Every last one of them. Have them return to their country of origin and return here legally. Hire more people to process immigrants and do background checks. Allow more people to come here legally.

Why should those persons who decide to come here legally be punished for the brazen lawbreaking of the many illegals? They shouldn’t, but that’s exactly what we have happening. We have lowered the number of people we allow legally into the US because of the overwhelming tide of illegals that come here. We are punishing those persons who choose to obey our laws, because of the crimes of those who do not.

B. Find out who they are. Distinguish between criminals and people who just want to work. Get them on the books. Make them pay what they owe — not just the income, Social Security, sales and property taxes they already pay, but all their taxes, and a fine. Get a smooth legal flow of immigrants going, and then concentrate on catching and deporting bad people.

If you call giving the federal government twenty-hour hours to do a background check on immigrants “concentrating on catching and deporting bad people” you are fooling yourself. A more dishonest statement is hard to imagine.

Uncle Sam can’t even tie his shoes in twenty-four hours. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton need more than twenty-four hours to figure out what shoes to wear with what dress.

The plan the congress put forth was utterly laughable and would not have solved any problems, it just would of caused more.

C. Catch the few you can, and harass and frighten the rest. Treat the entire group as a de facto class of criminals, and disrupt or shout down anyone or any plan seen as abetting their evildoing.

Forget A. Congress tried a version of B, but it was flattened by outrage.

And so here we are at C. It’s a policy that can’t work; it’s too small-bore, too petty, too narrow. And all the while it’s not working, it can only lead to the festering of hate. Americans are a practical and generous people, with a tolerant streak a mile wide. But there is a combustible strain of nativism in this country, and it takes only a handful of match tossers to ignite it.

Don’t be hating the American people. We are reacting to the frustration of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid not able to put forth and passing a bi-partisan immigration reform plan that made sense.

Nancy and Harry are too busy coddling the Illegals and hoping that the lack of an identification requirement at the polls will allow the undocumented to vote Democrat.

Is it any wonder that the Slimes stock is at an all time low, and is getting getting dumped by major investment companies?