"I’m the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton" – Rudy

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I’m not exactly sure what Mayor Giuliani has been smoking, however I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been sharing with me.

NEW YORK – Rudy Giuliani has focused on November 2008 — and Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton — from the outset of his presidential bid with a strategy as uncertain as it is necessary.

“I’m not running against my Republican opponents. I’m running against the Democrats,” Giuliani insists as he brushes aside reality: before going toe-to-toe with that party’s nominee, he must win the GOP nod.

It’s a tall — though not impossible — order.

The former New York mayor with the messy personal life and moderate-to-liberal positions on social issues is an unorthodox choice given that conservative voters usually hold considerable sway in Republican primaries.

But since the year began and to the surprise of many party pundits, the politician whose identity is forever linked to 9/11, has maintained his strong-contender status.

Republican strategists attribute his staying power in no small part to his central argument to GOP voters desperate for victory next fall: He can win against a Democrat — and one in particular.

“I’m the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton,” Giuliani often says.

Hillary’s camp would have us believe that she is the de-facto winner for the democratic ticket. However, with her negatives, I am not so sure that she can win an overall election. She may be able to win the democrats over, but can she win the country? That is the choice that the Dems are going to be faced with. If they are smart they may find someone who appeals to both sides of the fence.

I don’t think that Rudy is the man to win the Republican ticket. I don’t find him to be conservative enough on many issues. I don’t think he can win over the NRA, and without the NRA, I don’t believe he can get the nomination.