Hillary’ Hidden Bone Yard, Obama’s Hidden Division and the Media’s Hidden Bias

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This fellow has a great way of exposing the truth. Enjoy! Al (GrumpyOl’ Man)

If you enjoyed last week’s rollicking pastiche from FSM Contributing Editor Gabriel Garnica on “Hillabeans” Clinton and her overreaching for the ultimate brass ring, you will love Gabriel’s newest irreverent critique. How dare Hillabeans talk about skeletons in Bush’s closet?!

Hillary’ Hidden Bone Yard, Obama’s Hidden Division and The Media’s Hidden Bias

By Gabriel Garnica

I find it fascinating that we are witnessing an onslaught of liberal hypocrisy the likes of which we have never witnessed before.

First, we have Hillary Clinton speaking of the Bush Administration’s skeletons in the closet while concealing a literal bone yard of hidden skeletons from her tenure as Co-President/Loyal Victim, Wife, Mother, Bible Scholar, et al.

Second, we have Barack Obama speaking of unity while his church spews forth enough racist and divisive venom to make Al Sharpton cringe.

Last, we have the liberal media spewing enough liberal bias to make Katie Couric look like a Reagan fan.

Hillabeans Turns Hill of Hidden Bones

Fresh from her weekly mocking of the Bush Administration as having much hidden under its carpet, Hillary Clinton, aka Hillabeans, proceeds to make sure that all of her hidden skeletons remain safely tucked away from public view until after the upcoming election A story in states that Hill’s White House documents won’t be released until late 2008. It is nice to see that the woman who complains daily that President Bush spends half his time hiding things from the American people spends all her time doing the same. If Hillary’s closet is so pristine, why not reveal it for all to see? Could it be that this closet has enough skeletons to fill a cemetery? Perhaps said skeletons would have an easier time being elected should the contents of Hillary’s closet be revealed before the 2008 vote.

Hillary’s current ad has been criticized by the as being “outrageous.” In the ad Hillabeans tells u:

“If you’re a family that is struggling and you don’t have health care, you are invisible to this president…If you’re a single mom trying to find affordable child care so you can go to work, you’re invisible too” and adds that the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are “invisible” to Bush as well. Considering how well Hillabeans can make her dark secrets invisible, I would consider her an authority on making things invisible, all right. Here she is telling us what and who are invisible to President Bush while she makes sure much of her past is invisible to us.

As I have often said, Hillary Clinton’s accusations of secrecy and dishonesty against the Bush Administration make about as much sense as Rosie O’Donnell accusing a mime of having a big mouth.

Obama’s Brand of Unity

For his part, Barack Obama has spent most of his campaign accusing conservatives of creating and mining division in America despite the fact that his own controversial church spews hatred, division, racism, anti-Americanism and even vulgarity. with controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright is so wholesome and unifying that the Reverend himself suggests that Obama might have to distance himself in order to have a chance for election victory. Obama has allegedly acknowledged this worrisome possibility. It is nice to see a presidential candidate who wails on about integrity, the Bible and unity, finding the need to hide his association with a close friend who spews hatred and division.

Barack Obama speaking of “unity” is like Rosie O’Donnell speaking of her affection for Donald Trump.

Media’s Brand of Truth and Integrity

Finally, we hear of how the media’s campaign to paint Haditha as a vile massacre of innocents by American military beasts crumbles before our eyes amid weak evidence and total disregard for accuracy. This, of course, occurs with no sign of apologies or real acknowledgment of wrongdoing by a media so steeped in its own liberal stew as to drip with its own leftist venom. Still these journalists pathetically try to deny that they lean so far to the left as to make Jimmy Carter look like President of The American Rifle Association.

The media speaking of impartiality is like Rosie O’Donnell speaking of discretion and intelligence.


As we approach the 2008 elections, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we have stumbled across a new natural resource that, if mined for fuel, could free us of foreign dependence for centuries. If Hillabeans, Obama and the media are any indication, we have enough fertilizer among liberals to fuel this country’s energy needs from today until Al Gore makes sense.

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contributing editor Gabriel Garnica, Esq., is a college professor and licensed attorney whose regular commentary also appears on New MediaJournal.us, The Daley Times-Post, and Michnews. He holds a law degree from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. John’s University in New York.
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