The Katsav Affair

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Friday, June 29, 2007

President Katzav let off the hook?

At a televised press conference, Attorney General tried to explain why he is refusing to indict the President on rape charges. In his explanation to us, our said

“We also had the public interest in mind; we didn’t want to have a great scandal against the Presidency and the country, with many months of bad headlines against Israel.” –more

The Attorney General is also quoted as saying he believes the agreement was in the public’s interest because:

“This agreement minimizes the harm to the institution of the presidency, it was important to spare Israel from seeing a president on trial.” –more

Following the surprise decision by the AG, local TV has been running the press conference appearance of “A” ( the victim of the alleged rapes) in which she explains her ordeal in shocking detail.

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I don’t know if this story is a biggie outside of Israel, but it’s what everyone here seems to be talking about.

So help me out.

I’d like to know whether you live inside or outside of Israel …and I’d like to hear what you think about the Katsav Affair. Nu?

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