Poor Little Pluto

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Why is everybody picking on Pluto?

Poor thing, no longer top dog, down graded not once but twice.
You’d think Disney would spring for a personal trainer and a dietitian to get him bulked up.
Then maybe he’d be big enough to be upgraded …

Uh Oooo ah really?

Sorry folks I’ve just been informed they’re talking about that poor little
planet waaaaay out at the end of our solar system

Oh well….


Maybe NASA could do something.
Maybe sent all that space junk floating around out there to Pluto to build it up.

And we could send all the garbage we now send to landfills by rocket to Pluto.
Who’s going to smell it way out there?

We could even empty ALL the Landfills and send it there to bulk poor little Pluto up.
At least get it bigger than it’s moon.


Ditzy Dee

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