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The Chevy Volt’s Staggering Losses

September 11, 2012 by


By Rich Tucker ~ As Mark Twain might have put it, the reports that General Motors is alive are somewhat exaggerated. “Nearly two years after the introduction of the path-breaking plug-in hybrid, GM is still losing as much as $49,000 on each Volt it builds, according to estimates provided to Reuters by industry analysts and […]

Bailed-out General Motors to Receive Another Wasteful Handout

June 14, 2012 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ The Department of Energy is awarding $54 million for energy projects that should help manufacturing companies be more energy efficient. If your immediate response is, “If these technologies are going to lower a business’s costs, why aren’t they investing their own money?” then you’re asking the right question. Bailed-out General Motors […]

GM Suspends Production of Chevy Volt, Blames Media

March 3, 2012 by


By Tom Blumer ~ Well, I guess when you think you’re going to sell 45,000 cars and you’re on track to achieve about 25% of that, something’s gotta give. Something gave today, as Government/General Motors announced a temporary suspension of production of the company’s centerpiece of environmental correctness, the Chevy Volt, and the layoff of […]

The Autoworkers Obama Left Behind

March 2, 2012 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ The White House fairy tale about the Happily Ever After Auto Bailout is missing a crucial, bloody page. While President Obama bragged about “standing by American workers” at a rowdy United Auto Workers meeting Tuesday, he failed to acknowledge how the Chicago-style deal threw tens of thousands of nonunion autoworkers under […]

Psst! GM and Chrysler Are Peddling Eeeevil Light Trucks and SUVs to a Greater Extent Than Any Other Maker

December 3, 2010 by


By Tom Blumer Here’s something about which the environmentalists and car czars planted inside the Obama administration can’t be pleased: as a percentage of their U.S. sales, Multi-Government/General Motors and Chrysler are selling more “light trucks,” consisting of pickups, SUVS, and “crossover” vehicles than any other major manufacturer. Further, the companies are clearly emphasizing light […]

OMG, They’re Serious: ‘GM Says Thank You to American Public,’ Using Popeye, Animal House, Evil Knievel References

November 27, 2010 by


By Tom Blumer When I first saw this video at a non-Government/General Motors site, I said, “Wow, that’s quite a spoof. Who did that?” It’s not a spoof. It’s for real. It’s posted in the media section at GM’s web site. Even diehard defenders of the GM and Chrysler bailouts have to wonder what in […]

Psst! Ford Cuts GM’s Lead In Half In Sept.; GM Completes Acquisition Of Sub-Prime Car Lender

October 3, 2010 by


By Tom Blumer Government/General Motors saw its total vehicle sales fall in September to 173,031 from 185,105 in August. At the same time, Ford’s sales increased from to 157,327 to 160,375. Thus, what was an almost 28,000-vehicle lead for GM in August shrank by more than half to less than 13,000 in September. No one […]

A Full Ten Percent Of General Motors Bailout Paid Back

April 24, 2010 by


By Nicolas Loris General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre should have thought twice about the title of his Wall Street Journal op-ed, “The GM Bailout: Paid Back in Full.” GM did announce that it would repay the $5.8 billion ($4.7 billion to U.S, $1.1 billion to Canada) remaining balance on the loans the automaker received from […]

Could New EPA Requirements Cause Headaches For Automakers?

April 8, 2010 by


By Nick Loris The taxpayer-funded auto bailout was largely the result of a number of poor decisions made by General Motors and Chrysler. Along with the excessively high labor and legacy costs, Detroit’s dependence on big, non-fuel-efficient vehicles was its own doing and at one time, was a very profitable strategy. Detroit struggled to make […]


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