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EPA Attacks Only Coal Fired Power Generation

October 12, 2013 by


Perhaps a somewhat obscure, yet nonetheless entirely correct title might be the following: EPA Concedes That Climate Change Is No Real Problem And That Renewables Just Can’t Cut It By Anton Lang (TonyfromOz) ~ The EPA recently released its proposals to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants that burn fossil fuel to generate their power, […]

One Promise Obama Is Keeping: Killing Coal So Energy Prices Will Skyrocket!

October 5, 2013 by


EPA – Mandated carbon capture scheme wastes energy, costs way too much and does not even work! By Larry Bell ~ Am I missing something? Now, as the UN’s IPCC frantically attempts to explain how its alarmist predictions based upon theoretical climate models got it so wrong, the EPA has issued a new regulatory assault […]

Global Warming: The BIGGEST LIE Exposed

September 22, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ I will never understand the kind of thinking behind a lie so big that it became an international fraud and swindle. I cannot understand why an international organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) operating under the umbrella of the United Nations, was permitted to issue reports of an imminent […]

EPA’s New CO2 Regulations: Time For Congress To Step Up

September 21, 2013 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ “Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.” That gem came from outside White House adviser Daniel Schrag when President Obama made his climate change speech in June. This morning, the Environmental Protection […]

CEI Experts: New EPA Rule Could Mean End Of Coal Fired Power Plants In The U.S.

September 21, 2013 by


Reg’s Legal Deficiencies Will Lead To Years of Inaction and Disinvestment In Key Fuel Source By Brian McNicoll ~ WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 20, 2013 – If the carbon dioxide emissions standard for power plants proposed by the EPA today is enacted, the United States will have built its final coal-fired power plant, say experts at […]

The EPA’s War On America

September 18, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Among the targets to disable an enemy’s ability to wage war is their energy infrastructure. The destruction of the utilities that provide electricity or its ability to refine oil is critical to crippling a nation’s ability to function, based on the universal use of hydrocarbons such as coal, natural gas, and […]

A Win For Coal Exports, American Jobs

June 28, 2013 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ The Obama Administration has imposed a laundry list of new regulations on the coal industry, making it increasingly difficult to mine coal and to build and operate coal-fired power plants, which are critical to providing Americans with affordable electricity. Although the President continued his attack on coal in his recent climate […]

Government By Fiat – The EPA’s Endless Regulatory Jungle

June 26, 2013 by


The untold story: the power elites hate the poor but use them as pawns – See more at: The untold story: the power elites hate the poor but use them as pawns – See more at: The untold story: the power elites hate the poor but use them as pawns By Paul Driessen […]

EPA And IPCC: America’s Greatest Environmental Threats

June 1, 2013 by


These fearmongers use regulations to increase their power, not to protect people and the planet. By Paul Driessen ~ Numerous articles document how European climate policies have been disastrous for affordable energy, economic growth, entire industries, people’s jobs and welfare, wildlife habitats and human lives. Even the IPCC, the BBC and The Economist have finally […]

Collapse Of Bee Colonies Is Latest Target For Anti-Pesticide Groups

May 16, 2013 by


By Paul Driessen ~ Beekeeping is big business, and everyone loves honey and foods made possible by pollination. But “colony collapse disorder” threatens bees and crop pollination in many areas. CCD and other bee die-offs are nothing new. What we now call colony collapse was first reported in 1869, and many outbreaks since then have […]

Tier 3 Rules Are Unnecessary, Costly

May 4, 2013 by


And designed solely to provide EPA with more jobs and more power over people’s lives. By Paul Driessen ~ 1,920 and counting! That’s how many regulations President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has promulgated since his 2009 inauguration. Many, if not most, will bring few health or environmental benefits – but will impose high economic and […]

Greens Oppose Drilling, Fracking, Keystone … And Exports

April 30, 2013 by


But we should support these job-creating, prosperity-creating, low-polluting activities that will keep us free! By Paul Driessen ~ The interminable war on drilling, fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline has taken some bizarre turns. Now it’s getting worse, as opponents grow more desperate, and the moon again grows full. Deepwater drilling, 3-dimension and 4-D seismic […]

The EPA Snake Pit

April 25, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Under President Obama, two women have been the director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Carol Browner, who served in the Clinton administration and was one of the “czars” Obama appointed; her acolyte Lisa Jackson, and up for the post is Gina McCarthy. Browner and Jackson went out of their way to conceal their internal […]

Doubletalk, Double Standards Are SOP For America’s Ruling Elites

April 20, 2013 by


It is time to hold government accountable for mismanagement, misallocation of resources and mindless regulations that hurt our economy. This article also appeared in the Washington Times on April 18, 2013. By Paul Driessen ~ Americans must no longer ignore false realities and double standards that threaten our health and prosperity. Private sector errors and […]

With Climate Change Science Unsettled, A Carbon Tax Is Even More Useless

April 19, 2013 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ Reuters’s environment correspondent Alister Doyle provides even more fodder for why a carbon (energy) tax or the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulation of greenhouse gas emissions is economically and environmentally foolish. Doyle writes: Scientists are struggling to explain a slowdown in climate change that has exposed gaps in their understanding and […]

EPA Seeks To Punish Drivers (Again) Via Its Tier 3 Regulations

April 17, 2013 by


EPA’s proposed sulfur standards for gasoline will cost billions for no real benefits. By Paul Driessen ~ President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has already promulgated a tsunami of 1,920 regulations, many of which will bring few health or environmental benefits but will impose high economic and unemployment costs, often to advance the Administration’s decidedly anti-hydrocarbon […]

The Outrageous Statements Of Obama’s EPA Nominee

April 12, 2013 by


By Rachael Slobodien ~ Today the Senate held a confirmation hearing for Gina McCarthy, (pictured) President Obama’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Heritage has provided its own questions for nominee McCarthy. If confirmed, and if her past statements are indicative of future actions, McCarthy’s tenure at the EPA will continue to lead […]

Eco Imperialism Joins Vulture Environmentalism

March 28, 2013 by


Obama appointees seek to impose ideological control over our energy, economy and property. By Paul Driessen ~ Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s choice to replace Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been chastised for having lied to Congress, in claiming that EPA did not use “dangerous manmade climate change” to justify new 54.5 mpg […]

Obama’s Misguided Carbon Tax Plans

March 18, 2013 by


New fees on energy use would strangle economy. By Paul Driessen ~ President Obama and many other politicians continue to insist that carbon dioxide emissions are changing Earth’s climate and that we need to take immediate action to prevent catastrophes predicted by computer models, Al Gore and fellow alarmists. Above all, they want to tax […]

Many “Green” Policies Trample On People, Environment, Science And Ethics

January 14, 2013 by


Environmental policies and practitioners often hurt people and values they supposedly protect. By Paul Driessen ~ Policy integrity. Ethical culture. Ethical investing. Environmental protection. Environmental defense. Friends of earth. Defenders of wildlife. Not just their names, but their charter, culture and policies – their very being – represent a commitment to these profound values. Or […]

EPA’s Jackson Leaves Legacy Of Higher Costs, Less Consumer Choice

January 13, 2013 by


By Katie Tubb ~ Lisa Jackson will retire from her position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this month as the most prolific regulator of her class of Obama administrators. This is not a distinction to be coveted. Under Jackson’s leadership, the EPA has issued 1,824 regulations. For context, the Department of Energy […]

The EPA is a Nation-Killer

January 10, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ To the naïve and uninformed, the Environmental Protection Agency exists to ensure clean air and water in the nation. That was its initial mandate when it was created by an executive order by President Nixon in 1970. It has since become a nation killer. In 2013 a flood of regulations will […]

Obama Continues To Skin The Cat With More Coal Closures

January 9, 2013 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ The skin continues to come off the cat. President Obama’s wish of a cap-and-trade plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would have bankrupted the coal industry, but the legislation failed to make it through the Senate. The frustrated President then said that cap and trade was only one way of skinning […]

Government Of, By And For Activists>

January 7, 2013 by


University think tank’s lawsuit raises serious questions about the old and new EPA By Ron Arnold ~ Lisa Jackson’s resignation as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has focused attention on the “unfinished agenda” she leaves for this agenda-driven agency’s next director (probably Clinton era assistant EPA administrator and current California Air Resources Board chairwoman […]


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