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Surprise: ObamaCare Ripe for Subsidy Fraud + More – Daily Digest

July 24, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “To model our political system upon speculations of lasting tranquility, is to calculate on the weaker springs of the human character.” –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 34, 1788 TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS Surprise: ObamaCare Ripe for Subsidy Fraud It’s strike two this week for ObamaCare’s federal exchange. The Government Accountability Office […]

Appeals Court Strikes Down Most ObamaCare Subsidies + More – Daily Digest

July 22, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “There can be no greater error than to expect, or calculate upon real favors from Nation to Nation. ‘Tis an illusion which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard.” –George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796 TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS Appeals Court Strikes Down Most ObamaCare Subsidies In a […]

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 – UN Security Council Authorises Investigation. But Will Russia Cooperate?

July 22, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Australia’s resolution is passed, the train carrying the dead is moving … but will Russia and its rebel allies actually cooperate with the investigation? Will they produce the murder weapon? THE UN Security Council has unanimously backed Australia’s draft resolution demanding full access for investigators to the Malaysia Airlines jet crash […]

Man Up – Humor

July 21, 2014 by


Man Up The Executive That Smarts He’ll Work With Anybody Yes and No Crying Racist No Sandwiches Immigration and Welfare Reid on Border Security Koch Brothers Minimum Wage

Feinstein: Germany Has to Lead + More – Daily Digest

July 21, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ PUBLISHER’S NOTE Last week, in our mid-year report, I noted, “Though we were short of our Independence Day campaign goal by approximately 10%, we are undeterred.” Well, it is a bit easier to be undeterred this week. As it turns out, the USPS had not delivered our bulk mail support checks, which […]

The Wake Up Call Of The Malaysian Air Shootdown

July 20, 2014 by


By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, Ret) ~ For the second time in three months, a Malaysian 777 aircraft, carrying 295 passengers and crew, is at the center of an international tragedy. Unlike the previous catastrophe, we know exactly where this one crashed and why: Shot from the sky over eastern Ukraine as it cruised […]

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Pushing For Tougher International Action On Russia Over Ukraine

July 20, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was the first leader to directly link the downing of MH17 to Russian aggression in Ukraine: In an apparent swipe at Russia, Mr Abbott also told parliament: ”The bullying of small countries by big ones, the trampling of justice and decency in the pursuit of […]

Martial Law Soon Coming To America: The Enemy is Inside More so Than Outside

July 8, 2014 by


By Dave Gaubatz  ~    SITREP #1:  (Situational Report)  America is in a state of collapse. Destruction from Within  ~     SITREP By: Dave Gaubatz, Special Agent Retired, OSI  ~    Based on 25 years of service to the U.S. government, and based on having the highest security clearances our country has to offer, the […]

Still the Exceptional Nation

July 5, 2014 by


~ Regardless of party or political philosophy, we are Americans first ~ By Edwin J. Feulner ~ Americans hardly need an excuse to display the flag, but few occasions bring the red, white and blue out in fuller force than our national birthday. Jeane Kirkpatrick once said, “Americans need to face the truth about themselves, no […]

IRS Hides Emails + More – Daily Digest

June 16, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “It has been said that all Government is an evil. It would be more proper to say that the necessity of any Government is a misfortune.” –James Madison, 1833 TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS IRS Hides Emails The IRS says it “lost” two years worth of emails from Lois Lerner, the […]

The Rise and Fall of the Biden-Obama Policy on Iraq

June 14, 2014 by


Within 96 hours the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sahel (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, depending on who you are talking to, went from being an active player in Syria and controlling Fallujah and Ramadi to taking over Mosul, Tikrit […]

Global Warming Will Give Britain Warmer Or Drier Summers, Depending On What Actually Happens

June 2, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Britain’s Environment Department in 2009 warns of drier summers: The UK Climate Projections show what the major changes to the UK’s climate would most likely be in the absence of such action to cut global emissions. Broadly speaking, we can characterise these as warmer and wetter winters, hotter and drier summers… […]

Russia And China Just Signed An Energy Deal. Why You Should Be Scared.

June 1, 2014 by


By Stephen Moore ~ Is anyone else scared to death about this week’s announcement out of Beijing that China and Russia have agreed to a 30-year natural-gas deal? The agreement means the building of hundreds of miles of pipelines to feed cheap Siberian gas to China. President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin […]

Europe’s Energy Dependence On Russia Can’t Last

May 28, 2014 by


By Ariel Cohen Ph.D ~ Vladimir Putin is the father of the most significant energy mix shift in Europe. Ukraine may be the straw that broke the back of the energy camel. As a result, Russia is about to lose a lot of revenue. Talk about the unintended consequences. Even before Putin occupied the Crimea […]

Will Ukraine’s New President Be Able To Stop Russia’s Imperial Ambitions?

May 26, 2014 by


By Rob Bluey ~ Petro Poroshenko, a billionaire candy tycoon, declared victory with about 56 percent of the vote, according to exit polls. The “Chocolate King,” as he’s known, finished well ahead of Yulia Tymoshenko, a former Ukrainian prime minister, who had about 13 percent. Under Ukrainian law, presidential candidates who receive more than 50 […]

Putin Is Outwitting The West With A Soviet-Era Bag of Dirty Tricks

May 18, 2014 by


By James Carafano Ph.D.~ George Kennan was the State Department‘s top hand on Moscow. As the U.S.-Soviet alliance unraveled after World War II, no one seemed to understand the Kremlin better than Kennan. One of his most insightful observations was cautionary: Do not think about the standoff with the Soviet Union as principally a military […]

Greens Help Putin Bully Europe

May 16, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The Green movement has betrayed the West. It’s made Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin stronger and democracies like ours more helpless. Wondered why Europe is doing so little to stop Russia stealing Ukrainian territory? It’s not just because Europe has let its military forces run down, but because it’s given Russia the […]

‘Have You No Shame?’ + More – Daily Digest

May 12, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “I am commonly opposed to those who modestly assume the rank of champions of liberty, and make a very patriotic noise about the people. It is the stale artifice which has duped the world a thousand times, and yet, though detected, it is still successful.” –Fisher Ames, letter to George […]

Spy Chief: Edward Snowden A Russian Puppet Who Will Cost Lives

May 8, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Edward Snowden is a traitor: The longest-serving director of the US National Security Agency says former contractor Edward Snowden has become a Russian puppet and was responsible for the most damaging intelligence breach in history… General Keith Alexander told The Australian Financial Review Mr Snowden’s theft and leaking of over 100,000 […]

Understanding The Ukraine Conflict

May 3, 2014 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Today’s cartoon is an explanation of what’s happening that no one else will tell you. We live in a media-run world which tells you who is good and who is bad. Read More by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

Much Ado About The Ukraine

April 30, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Events in the Ukraine are now big headlines and the topic of a torrent of commentaries by experts on Russia, the European Union, NATO and related subjects. The whole thing began after protests forced its president to flee to Russia, followed by the Russian Federation’s annexation of Crimea as disputes between […]

Israel the ‘Apartheid State’ + More – Daily Digest

April 29, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter cannot exist without them.” –Joseph Story Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833 TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS Israel the ‘Apartheid State’ […]

Free Healthcare  Humor

April 28, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ ObamaCare Math Obama’s Foreign Policy Russia Read more excellent articles at The Patriot Post

Beating the Minimum Wage Drum + More – Daily Digest

April 28, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is […]


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