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Dr. Frankenstein, Meet Dr. Obama

Sat 11/30/2013


By Burt Prelutsky A lot of people are saying that ObamaCare is dead, thanks to its disastrous rollout and the embarrassingly low number of enrollees. The line they’re using is either comparing it to putting toothpaste back in the tube or getting the genie back in the bottle. But, frankly, when I look at it, […]

If Obama Can Be President, Then So Can Ted Cruz

Tue 08/27/2013


by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD In order to understand the controversy regarding Presidential eligibility, Americans must first disabuse themselves of the notions that politicians obey the law and journalists tell the truth. As a class, neither is driven by service to the nation, but by political expediency to protect and enhance their own financial interests. Although […]

Memorial Day – A Time to Consider If We Want Our Remaining Freedom – Video

Mon 05/27/2013


Memorial Day – A Time to Consider How Much More of Our Freedoms Do We Want to Give Up I just saw this video and thought this is an appropriate video for this Memorial Day. Let’s honor those who have fought and even died for our freedom, by not giving away any more of our […]

Welcome Home USMC Cpl Riddle – Video

Thu 05/03/2012


USMC Cpl Riddle’s Speech. Awesome! by sissylovesyou12 Welcome Home USMC Cpl Riddle, posted with vodpod

In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Thu 03/01/2012


With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart. … by Larry Solov Read the rest at the following link:   –Al In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012).

With Conservatives Like These…

Sun 01/22/2012


By Burt Prelutsky ~   Santorum, Gingrich and Perry, all condemned Mitt Romney’s Bain Financial for putting people out of work. If anyone should be sidelined, it’s Santorum, Gingrich and Perry. For one thing, as every conservative who isn’t running behind in the primaries knows, venture capitalists put their money where their mouths are. Nothing ventured, […]

Dont Believe What You Hear or See – Thoughts on Mubarak and Others

Sat 02/12/2011


Mubarak is definitely the lesser of two evils. Over the years he has kept the radical terrorists at bay, in Egypt. Most notably the Muslim brotherhood and their spin-offs. The Muslim Brotherhood has over the years produced the Talbian, Al Qaeda and many others. Mubarak, with all his faults, was much better dealing with terrorists […]


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